The main goal of the Agora Labs project is to establish open learning spaces that ease students participation in engaging learning experiences didactically designed to reinforce and expand the subjects taught in courses as well as to promote students’ creative initiatives.

The visible open learning spaces are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as multimodal user interfaces including Brain-Computer interfaces (BCI), eye-tracking devices, hand-gesture tracking devices, full body tracking devices (kinect), Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) headsets (Oculus Rift), etc. The material produced at the Agora Labs can be used as feedback to courses and research projects as well as for evaluation of learning activities.

With the variety of educational programmes at SDU campus Kolding and the Agora Labs' visibility we hope to promote interdisciplinary projects, where students can learn collaborative and problem solving skills that will be crucial in their future professional lives.

As a by-product of the process involved in this project we aim to motivate students to take a more active role in their education becoming not only consumers but also producers of learning material within a technology and innovation framework.

The participation of the teachers from the different educational programmes, plays an essential role with the production of didactically designed tasks and project for the students to perform in the Agora Labs.


Here you can read about the devices currently available at the Agora Labs.

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Oculus Rift

Immersive Virtual Reality
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MindWave Headset

Brain Computer Interface
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Leap Motion

Hand Gesture Device
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Kinect Camera

Full Body Tracking
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The Eye Tribe

Eye Tracking Device
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Raspberry Pi

Micro-Computing and Electronics
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Holosonic Speakers

Condensed Sound
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Logitech C920

Web Cam
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Booking a Lab

To book an Agora Lab call 65 50 13 24

Project Examples

Some inspiring examples of what the devices can be used for.

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Brain Controlled Tower

Device: Mindwave Headset

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