Information, technology and innovation play an important role in constant changes of many aspects of everyday life from communication, commerce, security, health care, entertainment to education and science, etc.. In addition, the exponential increase of information also creates new challenges and opportunities to research ways for a secure and sustainable use of information and for innovation and technology.

The main goal of this research program is to consolidate activities in research, teaching and knowledge transfer on interdisciplinary aspects of Information Sciences, Innovation and Technology that can potentially contribute to social welfare and economic growth while strengthening the IT profile of SDU Kolding.

The program focus in both existing and emerging research areas within three main pillars: Robotics, Data Science, and Ethics including: Spatial Reasoning, Sensor Technology, Knowledge Representation, IT Security, Privacy, Data Analytics and Visualization, Multimodal interfaces and eXtended Reality applications.

Research Areas

The main research areas cover in many cases related topics, this overlap promotes naturally a very good fit for collaboration between the different areas.


This research area focuses on the following subareas: social robotics, teaching programming, self-aware localization, cloud robotics, sensor technology, ethics, etc.

Data Science

The focus of this area includes: Big Data, Data analysis, data privacy, ethics, IT security, sensor technology, data visualization, web of data, web of things, etc.


The focus of this research area includes: artificial intelligence, social robotics, data privacy, big data, IT security, emotion analysis, etc.


You can see the group's publications here


Here you find information about our current projects.

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Values based design

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Digitising cultural heritage

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Society and Usability

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Spatial Cognition and IT

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Ontology of Pictures

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Leibniz as Computer Scientist

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Privacy, Security and Big Data

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Ethics: Human-Robot Interaction

Meet the Team

The group members are part of the Institute for Design and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark

Rocio Chongtay

Associate Professor

Group Leader


Klaus Robering



Anne Gerdes

Associate Professor


Lotte Weilgaard

Associate Professor


Nathan Clark

Program Manager

Copenhagen Center forDisaster Research, COPE


Previous members

Lars Johnsen

Associate Professor - consulting member


Inga Schlömer

PhD student


Else Lauridsen

PhD student



The ITI group's talks are meant to share with our academic community some of the group members' interests and projects.

Feb 14th, 2019

InfoTechInno Guest Talk Feb 2019

May 9th, 2018

Drones Colloquium Invitation

Oct-Dec, 2017, 2018

Elective course: "Data Science and Big Data, delivered as part of the SDU Information and Communication Studiesby Klaus Robering and Rocio Chongtay

Course's website

ITI Colloquia

April 24, 2017

Drones Colloquium Invitation See program Danish

Presentations slides


by Rocio Chongtay

Drones and Privacy Issues

by Anne Gerdes

The Drone and its Space

by Klaus Robering

Danish Terminology for Drones

by Lotte Weilgaard

Drones in Sports

by Rocio Chongtay

Previous events and talks

Here you can find announcements about previous events and talks involving our group.

November 13, 2017 14:30

Talk: "Towards A Decision Process Model: Epistemological Discussion and Applications" by Dipl.-Inform. Andrea Hillenbrand, Technical University of Berlin


March 17–18, 2016

Lecture: "Introduction to Data Visualization: principles, trends and tools" by Rocio Chongtay, delivered as part of the Digital Humanities Workshop at the University of Rijeka, Kroatia.

Lecture's website

June 24, 2016

Workshop organized by our group: "Making the visualization of concepts more attractive and smarter".
TKE 2016 -12th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering, at the Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark (room SV.052)

See call for participation
Workshop's website

June 27, 2016

Guest Lecture: "Practical Applications of Knowledge Representation and Management in Healthcare" by Margarita Sordo,
Partners Healthcare System, Boston, MA, USA Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.

Room: 31.02, campus Kolding


Feb, 23th 2016, [14:00-15:00]

"Envisioning Social Robots at universities" [Talk/Call for Participation] by Rocio Chongtay, SDU
Room:41.40, 4rd floor, campus Kolding


Mar, 29th 2016, [14:30-15:30]

"Concepts, Numbers, and Machines - Leibniz' Contributions to Computer Science" by Klaus Robering, SDU
Room: 31.01, campus Kolding


May, 25th 2016, [14:00-15:30]

"Extraction of Knowledge from text" by Lotte Weilgaard, SDU
Room:41.40, campus Kolding


Aug, 30th 2016, [14:00-15:30]

"Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems and Responsibility Gaps" by Anne Gerdes, SDU
Room:61.01, campus Kolding


Mar, 18th 2015, [14:00-15:00]

"Immersive Virtual Reality: hype or real?" by Rocio Chongtay, SDU
Room:31.39, 3rd floor, campus Kolding


Apr, 22nd 2015, [15:00-16:00]

"A Theory of Space Based on the Notion of Convexity" by Klaus Robering, SDU
Room: Gæstecaféen, 6th floor, campus Kolding

slides - [handout format here]

May, 20th 2015, [15:00-16:00]

"Lethal Autonomous Robot Systems – why we should worry" by Anne Gerdes, SDU
Room:51.41, 5th floor, campus Kolding


June, 11th 2015, [13:00-15:00]

ITI's guest lecture: "New models of system behaviour for policy-based access control and privacy protection"
by Felix Apitzsch, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS). Berlin


Aug, 25th 2015, [15:00-16:00]

Opgradering af fysiske omgivelser samt artefakters kognitive muligheder
af Rainar Rye Larsen and Mathias Jimenez Jørgensen, studerende på Informationsvidenskab, it og interaktionsdesign


Oct, 7th 2015, [15:00-16:00]

"Undervisning med interaktive e-bøger"
af Else Lauridsen,
PhD student IDK-SDU

Room:61.01 (Gæstecafeen), 6th floor, campus Kolding


Dec, 2nd 2015, [15:00-16:00]

"Digital support for cultural visits - User-Centered Design in digitalization projects in the cultural sector"
by Inga Schlömer,
PhD student IDK-SDU

Room:61.01 (Gæstecafeen), 6th floor, campus Kolding


Related events

Here you can find announcements about other events

June 18-19, 2015

Transor network seminar (robophilosophy), organizers: Anne Gerdes and Charles Ess in collaboration with Transor group.

June 1 – 4, 2015

Research visitor: Johan Van Niekerk, Nelson Mandela Mentropolitan University, main hostess Anne Gerdes.

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